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Quote of the Day:

“What is best 100% heterosexual pizza. Like a pizza that has never had any moments of sexual confusion.”

TPM‘s Josh Marshall.

Answers to Marshall’s hetero pizza q

“But is sausage more or less homo than meat lovers’? Isn’t the correct option here just to get cheeseburger pizza?” — GOP strategist Liz Mair.

“Fish tacos have always seemed pretty suspicious to me, but that’s another story.” — Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox.

“Sausage pizza is all into pie. That’s the ultimate hetero pizza.” — Marshall.

Female journo encounters incredibly stupid Comcast driver

“Comcast truck almost runs me over next to a street sign that says its state law to stop for pedestrians in crosswalk.” — Politico congressional reporter Seung Min Kim.

Female journo to run without a shirt on? 

“It’s finallyyyy run without a shirt on weather. #iamaloser #bye.” — Washington Examiner‘s Kelly Cohen.

Seriously stupid or pretty clever? Hard to tell…

“A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss Nor Does It Gather Facts.” — Howard Stern Show’s Joey Boots.

Deep thoughts with WFB’s Adam Kredo 

“If invisible walls were people. I’d murder them like people.” — Washington Free Beacon‘s Adam Kredo.


“I’m the sickest I’ve been in years, would literally trade years off my life to feel better.” — Taylor Lorenz, associate syndication editor, Business Insider.

The Observer

“Rand Paul and I have something in common: neither of us will ever be president of the United States.” — porn film actress Sydney Elaine Leathers, ex-phone sexter to ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Schlongsville).

Fun at the office with ‘Naughty Girls Donut Shop’

“Kudos to whoever signed me up for the Naughty Girls Donut Shop press list. You got me good.” — Washington Free Beacon‘s Bill McMorris.

Sally Kohn and Charles C.W. Cooke: Still friends? 

Kohn is a contributor for CNN; Cooke is a writer for National Review. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 6.18.14 PM

Bruce Jenner’s fam won’t ruin interview fun with Diane Sawyer

“Bruce Jenner: Kris and the girls won’t mess up his big interview with Diane Sawyer.” — TMZ.

Oliver Stone checks out Teddy Roosevelt Memorial


Photo credit: Daily Caller’s Chad Brady