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Bradley Manning Straps On His Wig And Talks To Cosmo

Here is the lede to Cosmopolitan’s no-doubt-fascinating interview with traitor and genetic male Bradley Manning:

Growing up in rural Crescent, Oklahoma, Chelsea Manning found an oasis in a favorite room of her family home. “I loved being in my sister’s room. I really admired her and wore her clothes to play in, played with her dolls, played with her makeup,” she says. “She had a mirror with settings to see what you would look like in different lighting. I thought that was amazing.”

Back then, Manning was known as a boy named Bradley. Today, Manning is a transgender woman, living in a prison for men.

Read the whole thing, if you think that’s a good use of your time. Personally, I can’t get past all the typos and factual errors in the first two paragraphs alone. First of all, he’s a he, not a she. Second of all, there is no second of all. Bradley is a dude, dude.

There’s a simple reason why Manning is living in a prison for men: He’s a prisoner, and a man.

Your tax dollars are going toward this coward’s “gender reassignment.” We used to shoot traitors; now we shoot them full of estrogen.

No wonder leftists are hailing him as a hero(ine). The only thing they hate more than the military is science.