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Denver TSA Screeners Work Together To Fondle Hunky Dudes’ Junk

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It’s become such a cliche that you hardly even think about it anymore: “Wow, those TSA screeners must really like rubbing their hands all over other guys’ packages, huh?”

Well, yeah, sometimes they do. In fact, some of them like it so much that they set up their own nad-grabbing systems. And their victims have no choice but to comply, or they’ll miss their flights or worse.

Good work if you can get it.

Brian Maass, CBS Denver:

A CBS4 investigation has learned that two Transportation Security Administration screeners at Denver International Airport have been fired after they were discovered manipulating passenger screening systems to allow a male TSA employee to fondle the genital areas of attractive male passengers…

According to law enforcement reports obtained during the CBS4 investigation, a male TSA screener told a female colleague in 2014 that he “gropes” male passengers who come through the screening area at DIA.

“He related that when a male he finds attractive comes to be screened by the scanning machine he will alert another TSA screener to indicate to the scanning computer that the party being screened is a female. When the screener does this, the scanning machine will indicate an anomaly in the genital area and this allows (the male TSA screener) to conduct a pat-down search of that area.”

The TSA claims the two have been fired, but there’s no way to verify it because their names haven’t been released. Why are these two criminals being protected?

Oh, wait. My mistake. They can’t be criminals, because they didn’t do this to women. This isn’t rape culture, because it happened to men. Anybody who complains about it or wants more answers is a homophobe, because the impish little scamp abusing his authority to violate people’s privacy and commit sexual assault is gay. He’s the real victim.

Why, I’ll bet those bigoted passengers wouldn’t even cater a gay wedding!!