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ROAD TRIP! Politico Honchos Head To Brussels

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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This is heart stopping. Has anyone else every seen a Politico Playbook lunchtime edition?

Well, today it happened.

And in it, we learn about Politico‘s continued efforts to take over the world.

We also find out that Mike Allen, Robert Allbritton, Jim VandeHei and Kim Kingsley are all flying to Brussels tonight ahead of Tuesday’s big launch of Politico Europe. John Harris and Bill Nichols are already there along with Carrie Budoff Brown (who now lives there). Last week, Ben White flew there (let’s hope he has some funny tweets, he doesn’t always travel so well) as did Manu Raju and Marty Kady.

Allen took the lunchtime opportunity to highlight a big fat compliment about Politico Europe. It’s as good a time as any — right?

“Politico Europe is one of the most interesting journalistic experiments in many years,” Wolfgang Blau, Guardian‘s director of digital strategy wrote on Facebook.

As some may recall, President Obama made a sarcastic remark about Politico and Brussels at a press briefing in December, which some at Politico (ahem, Jennifer Epstein) bizarrely interpreted as a compliment.

“I have no doubt that what Brussels needs is a version of Politico,” said Obama.

Cheers all around.