McCain On Hillary: ‘I Can’t Think Of One Success’ She Achieved As Secretary Of State

Al Weaver Reporter
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John McCain may think Hillary Clinton is “qualified” to be president, but it doesn’t mean he agrees with her on much of anything.

During an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Monday, McCain said that while he believes she boasts the qualifications for the White House, her tumultuous tenure at the State Department isn’t doing her any favors. The Arizona Senator said he could think “of one success” Clinton notched while at the helm in Foggy Bottom during President Barack Obama’s first term in office.

“I know when she was a senator, Hillary Clinton, you often worked closely with her. Do you believe she’s qualified to the President of the United States?” asked the CNN host.

“Oh, I think she’s certainly qualified, if you look at her background,” McCain said. “But I strongly disagree with many of the positions that she has taken. With her view of America’s role in the world. With her many failures as — or let me say this, I can’t think of one success that she achieved as four years as secretary of state.”

“One of the things we’ve lost around here is you can be friends with someone and still strongly disagree with them,” McCain lamented. “I have found I can still do that in the Senate, and I will find that to be true with Secretary Clinton. I have a good relationship with her but I strongly disagree with some of her actions, including the whole issue of the server.”