Should Christians Wear Orange Jumpsuits To Church?

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Should Christians wear orange jumpsuits to church?

Washington, D.C.-based Church on the Hill minister Rev. Patrick Mahoney started a social media campaign based on the Twitter hashtag #orangejumpsuit to encourage American Christians to recognize the plight of Christians being executed by Islamic radicals.

“Every five minutes, a Christian dies for their faith around the world. That’s over 100,000″ per year, Mahoney said on Fox News.

“Americans need to realize we are seeing a genocide the likes we have not seen in a generation,” Mahoney added.

In the wake of this weekend’s ISIS video, in which jihadis massacred Ethiopian Christians in Libya, maybe it’s time for some Christians to put on orange for the original Sunday show.

Mahoney’s hashtag has already inspired the sharing of some serious art based on ISIS’ recent bloodwork.

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