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Democratic Party Operative Tells Funny Benghazi Joke

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You probably haven’t heard of Eric Reif, and he’d probably prefer it to stay that way.

This bright young man is employed as something called a “Senior Email Campaigner” for the Democratic National Committee. Presumably this involves… sending out email, I guess? And another part of his job involves posting really funny job listings on Twitter, which are so hilarious that he then deletes them.

Get it? Because Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods were abandoned by the Obama administration, murdered by terrorists, and then lied about because there was an election coming up. And if you think that’s funny, there’s a place for you in the Democratic Party.

It’s called knowing your audience, people.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

Update: Here’s the job listing. Keep in mind that this is not an entry-level job. These people are seasoned professionals.