HOT TAKE: Keith Olbermann Wants To ‘Suspend Tom Brady FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

True to form, Keith Olbermann has an extremely hot take on Tom Brady and the Deflate-Gate scandal.

After the Wells report tagged the Patriots quarterback as being “generally aware” of the illicit actions of two Patriots locker room attendants, the ESPN 2 host called for the league to suspend Brady for an entire year: (RELATED: Wells Report Offers No New Evidence, Still Busts Brady’s Balls)

As I said at the start, they should suspend Tom Brady for a year. Suspend him 24 hours for screwin’ around with the ball inflation, and then suspend him 364 days for STUPIDITY. And for sending Daddy out to beat everybody up — when a simple apology, even a boastful apology — and then happy Patriots fans, and us adults, we’d all join hands and knock down Paul Revere’s Old North Church in Boston. And replace it with a 20-story tall statue of Tom Brady squeezing his balls.


The guy’s REALLY obsessed with balls. (RELATED: Tom Brady’s Agent Responds To The Wells Report’s Accusations)

[h/t: Bleacher Report]

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