Former Clinton Advisor: Bill Looks ‘Washed-Out And Washed-Up’

Scott Greer Contributor
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Former Bill Clinton advisor and television personality Dick Morris thinks his old boss isn’t looking too good these days.

“I didn’t recognize the character that was on TV,” Morris said of Bill Clinton’s recent interview with NBC News in a video released Monday. “He was washed-out, he was listless, he was apathetic, he was very slow-talking and even slower thinking!” (RELATED: MSNBC Panelists: Bill Clinton’s Remarks ‘Will Come Back To Haunt’ Him, Are ‘Out Of Touch’ [VIDEO])

The man who helped manage Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign took particular issue with how the former president ineffectively responded to the issue surrounding his $500,000 salary from the Clinton Foundation — a question he should’ve anticipated.

“He tried a couple of others [answers] but then he settled on the pathetic answer: ‘I have to pay my bills!'” Morris said. “C’mon? Who’s going to be taken in by that?”

The political consultant continued his criticism of the lackluster performance of Clinton and believes his “muddled thinking” is a result of someone who “is not all there.”

“His mind was not agile, it wasn’t energetic, he wasn’t forceful and I really just wondered what happened to the guy,” Morris commented. “I’m concerned about him, worried about him, I’m also disappointed. I think you’re dealing with somebody who really is not all there.”

The ex-Clinton confidant thinks this spells bad news for Hillary Clinton and her bid for the White House.

“She’s losing her best advisor, she’s losing her top consultant. They made quite the team and I don’t think Bill Clinton is up to this game.”