RNC Chairman: GOP Has ‘Most Diverse Presidential Primary Field Of Either Party’

Alex Pappas Political Reporter

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus argued Friday that the GOP has a more diverse crop of candidates for president in 2016 than Democrats do.

Speaking at the RNC’s Spring meeting in Arizona on Friday, Priebus said of the upcoming presidential race: “We’re likely to have the most diverse presidential primary field in history. Of either party.”

Democrats have Hillary Clinton, who is running to be the first female president. But Republicans have Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz (running to be first Hispanic president), Carly Fiorina (running to be the first female president), Ben Carson (running to be the first black Republican president), and at least 12 other people likely to get into the race.

Priebus on Friday highlighted how Clinton’s only Democratic primary opponent at this time is Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist.

“You know it’s bad when they’re propping up Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, just to make it look like they’re not coronating Hillary Clinton,” Priebus said.

The RNC chairman added: “The truth is, if you’re a Democrat in this country, your nominee has already been chosen for you. Hillary Clinton wants a coronation. The last thing she wants is a contest.”

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