David Axelrod: ‘Terrible Mistake’ For Hillary To Avoid Taking Press Questions [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter

David Axelrod said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is making a “terrible mistake” by not speaking to the press on “Meet the Press” Sunday.

Since she announced her candidacy, as moderator Chuck Todd points out, Bill Clinton had taken more than four times as many questions as the former secretary of state.

“We did our own little math here, and what’s been amazing since Hillary Clinton became an official candidate, there has been a Clinton that has taken quite a few media questions, on camera. Bill Clinton has taken 39 questions on camera,” Todd said before rattling off who the former president had spoken to. “Hillary Clinton has done nine.”

“Part of that is because a lot of the questions are about the Clinton Foundation, they made a decision to let him handle those, but look, I think she has to get out there, she has to answer questions, and she has to do it routinely so it is not a major news event when she takes a few questions,” Axelrod said. “She has to do it quickly and she has to start getting into the rhythm of the campaign, where she is out there, answering questions, making speeches, and she is not. It would be a terrible mistake to not do that.”