Steyn: Hillary Playing New Game Show With Voters — ‘Are You Dumber Than A Bunch Of Rocks?’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Conservative columnist Mark Steyn blasted Hillary Clinton Tuesday night after the former secretary of state spoke to reporters for the first time in nearly a month, saying she’s doing nothing more than playing games.

Appearing on “Hannity,” Steyn told host Sean Hannity that Hillary is “playing a brand new game show” entitled “Are You Dumber Than A Bunch Of Rocks.” The guest host of “The Rush Limbaugh Show” also likened Clinton’s campaign to “Beyonce lip synching the national anthem at [President Barack] Obama’s inaugural:”

SEAN HANNITY: Just a month ago, let’s see, Clinton’s office issued a statement claiming that she only used one e-mail address when she served as secretary of state…and her lawyer denied the same thing too. Apparently she used more than one e-mail address?

MARK STEYN: Yeah, the lawyer apparently gave an incorrect answer to the United States Congress on this matter. Look, you’ve got Jeff Foxworthy on the show tonight, Sean. Hillary is playing a brand new game show, “Are You Dumber Than A Bunch Of Rocks,” because that’s basically what the position she’s taking with the American electorate. She’s engaging in essentially a sort of a…miming of an election campaign. She turned down Ed Henry because she supposedly wants to take the people’s questions. They’re, in fact, carefully vetted stooges. She has her colleague from the Clinton Foundation, George Stuff-his-pants-with-cash, conducted an utterly fraudulent interview with the author of the book about it. She’s engaging in the equivalent of Beyonce miming — lip synching to the national anthem at Obama’s inaugural a couple of years ago. At some point, the press and the American people have to get serious about treating her like they do any other candidate because, otherwise, this is like Eva Peron in a banana republic.

HANNITY: But she doesn’t allow them access, Mark, and that’s how’s she’s able to navigate through these waters. At some point, I would imagine, she’s going to have to answer it. But she, so far, is — the strategy they’ve adopted is don’t talk to the press, don’t talk to anybody, we’ll march in those people that are in our camp and say that they’re regular people. And so far, she’s gotten away with it, Why would they change?

STEYN: Yeah, and it’s working for her. And when she sits down and does the big interview, it will be with some favorable — it might even be with George Stephanopoulos. He’ll ask her tough questions like, do you think Republican men have a problem dealing with you as a strong woman? You know, this is a joke and it is unbecoming. I’m happy to see — I would love Elizabeth Warren to run, not because — she’s a socialist lunatic to my taste, but she comes by her socialism honestly, just as they’ve had female prime ministers across the world now from Canada to New Zealand and they’ve come by their socialism honestly, and what is at issue here is the corruption and entitlement. At some point, we have a ridiculous situation where the Clinton Foundation has no other purpose. If you give $1 million to the Clinton Foundation because you’re worried like Chelsea Clinton says about diarrhea in Africa, $60,000 of it goes to diarrhea in Africa, and $940,000 of it gets sluiced off toward keeping the big Clinton machine running.