Wolf Blitzer Presses Clinton Advisor For An Interview With Hillary, Awkward Silence Ensues [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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During an interview, CNN host Wolf Blitzer pressed senior Clinton advisor Joel Benenson about the possibility of an interview with the Democratic presidential candidate, but was met with silence. (VIDEO: MSNBC Panel: If Hillary Answered Questions, ‘Her Campaign Would Be Over In A Week’)

“Joel, we’ll stay in close touch with you, thanks very much for joining us,” Blitzer said as he wrapped up the interview.

“Thank you, Wolf.”

“And please tell the secretary we’re looking forward to a full-scale interview with her ASAP, as well. Thanks very much.” (RELATED: The New York Times Really Wants Hillary To Answer A Freaking Question)

Blitzer paused to allow Benenson a chance to respond, but was greeted with an awkward silence that would make even “The Office” enthusiasts cringe. Eventually, he just plunged into the next segment.


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