America Rising Blasts ‘Dishonest’ Hillary In New Ad Amid Falling Favorable Ratings [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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A week after polls showed eroding trust in Hillary Clinton among voters, opposition research firm America Rising released a new ad taking aim at Clinton’s “dishonest” activities that have come to light over the past month.

The web ad takes Clinton to task for failing to report a shell company in the campaign’s financial disclosure report, and the former secretary of state’s taking of advice from Sidney Blumenthal on Libya policy while he had business interests in the region. (RELATED: Clinton, INC: Former President Has Secretive Shell Company)

A CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday showed that only 42 percent of voters believe Clinton is “honest and trustworthy.” The same poll showed Clinton’s highest unfavorable ratings in 14 years.

The latest Washington Post/ABC poll also shows Clinton’s favorability rating at its lowest point since April 2008, during her initial run for the White House. The same poll also Clinton’s “honest and trustworthy” ratings falter, with only 41 percent saying she is.

The ad follows up on two previous videos from the opposition research firm.

“America Rising will continue making the case that Secretary Clinton has major problems in the areas of trust, ethics and honesty, and if recent polls are any indicator, the America public is starting to agree,” America Rising said in a statement. “With her unfavorable ratings at their highest point in 14 years, there are lots of reasons for concern at Team Clinton. No wonder they felt the need to re-set their campaign less than two months after its official launch.”

Clinton is set to formally announce her candidacy, again, on Saturday in a speech at Roosevelt Island in New York City.