Daily Beast Writer Accuses ‘Jurassic World’ Of Sexism

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Marlow Stern of the Daily Beast wrote a piece Wednesday accusing the movie “Jurassic World” of sexism, calling its “path to motherhood” journey unsettling.

The movie has been panned for it’s excessive use of CGI, but sexism is the focus of this article.

What’s his complaint? Stern writes, “It’s about a woman’s “evolution” from an icy-cold, selfish corporate shill into a considerate wife and mother.”

The writer is upset that once one of the character’s children go missing she abandons her work to go find them. Worst of all, she enlists the help of a man.

“Once they’ve emerged from woods, and after avoiding certain death several times, she’s born again: a sweaty, humorous, maternal woman who’s severed her ties to her job and is only concerned with saving her two boys. Oh, and she’s got a man, too.”

Director Colin Trevorrow defends himself against these claims saying, “The real protagonist of the movie is Claire, and we embrace her femininity in the story’s progression.”