Clinton Traveling Press Pool: ‘Any Attempt By The Campaign To Dictate Who Is In The Pool is Unacceptable’

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MANCHESTER, N.H. — The Hillary Clinton traveling press pool released a statement Monday evening in regards to a designated print pooler who was denied access to Clinton events on the same day in New Hampshire.

The Daily Mail’s David Martosko, the designated print pool reporter for Monday’s campaign events, attempted to join his fellow poolers, when a Clinton campaign staffer blocked his access. Martosko attempted to enter another event later in the day and was denied entry again.

“We would like to see all campaign events open to the public and the full press corps, but when that is not possible we have agreed to pool coverage,” McClatchy’s Anita Kumar wrote on behalf of the cited organizations below. “We haven’t yet had a clear explanation about why the pool reporter for today’s events was denied access. But any attempt by the campaign to dictate who is in the pool is unacceptable. The pool is open to any print organization willing to take part.”

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Martosko, a former Daily Caller editor, received different explanations from the Clinton camp as to why he was not allowed to cover the day’s events. This included his paper’s status as a foreign media outlet and the Mail’s current status in the White House Press corp.