Skype Can Now Translate 6 Languages In Real Time

Sam Peterson Contributor
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Skype is making it easier then ever for people to communicate in different languages.

Skype which is owned by Microsoft announced on Thursday that German and French will now be available through their real-time translator application. The announcement brings the total number of languages offered by Skype Translator to six, including, English, Mandarin, Italian and Spanish.

The six languages encompass roughly 30 percent of all global speakers, according to The Verge.

“While there were a few translation issues, it works well enough to hold a conversation in a language you do not understand,” The Verge wrote.

Skype removed the sign-up component for the translator application in May 2015 and since then has reported a 300 percent increase in usage. Skype’s instant message program also provides real-time translation of 50 additional languages.

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Sam Peterson