Kitten Survives Flight On The Wing Of A Plane [VIDEO]

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On Sunday, an airplane tour guide in Kourou, French Guinea learned just how important it is to double-check your aircraft before take off when a little kitten emerged from within the left wing while the plane was already in the air.

#1 take off

“It was a standard flight until…”

first emerging

“I don’t know if it got in after the pre-flight check,” the pilot Romain Jantot said. “Or if I missed it.”

Kitten comes out from the wing to get noticed

The cat first emerged from what appears to be a covered area within the wing of the airplane about 30 seconds after take off.

pilot notices

Jantot and his passenger didn’t notice the kitten until after a full minute of being in flight.


But the kitten, while staying protected by the airplane’s wing, was not going to pass up on the opportunity to make the best out of a peculiar situation.

Hold on kitty we're going to land!

The kitten remained crouched down in the wing while the pilot turned the plane around and brought the feline passenger safely to the ground.

Darn it, it's over already?!

Despite all odds, the kitten made it safely back to the ground.

Uh oh...Am I gonna be in trouble for this?

“The cat is doing well,” Jantot affirmed in the caption of the YouTube video. And “she is [now] our mascot.”

Photo Credits: All photos are screenshots courtesy of Romain Jantot’s YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=142&v=J_8mdH20qTQ

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