Lunatic Spits In Death’s Face, Flies Wingsuit Through TINY Gap In The Side Of A Mountain [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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If God wanted man kind to truly fly, he would have given us wings.

Luckily, he did give Red Bull wingsuit skydiver Uli Emanuele a GoPro and a huge set of stones, so that the rest of the world can revel in his death-defying antics without having to actually, you know, defy death.

For his latest stunt, Emanuele decided to pack up all his gear, jump off the top of a mountain and pilot his suit through a tiny gap — measuring at most 2 meters across — in the side of a mountain, all at speeds upwards of 100 mph.


Easy as pie.

PS — AMAZON has GoPro’s starting at $69

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