Selfies Now Allowed On White House Tours

Alexis Gulino Contributor
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The White House announced Wednesday that it has lifted its 40-year ban on cameras and photos during public tours.

Beginning Wednesday, tourists are permitted to take photos as they go through the presidential residence.

“Effective today, guests are now welcome to take photos throughout the White House tour route and keep those memories for a lifetime,” a statement from the White House reads.

Visitors are encouraged to share their experiences using the hashtag #WhiteHouseTour on social media.

In the spirit of this policy change, first lady Michelle Obama posted a video to her instagram.

The video shows the first lady ripping a sign that reads, “No photos or social media allowed.”

The official statement outlines that phones and cameras with lenses that are no longer than three inches are permitted, but “may not interfere with the enjoyment of other guests on the tour.”

Among the prohibited items are video cameras, cameras with detachable lenses, tablets, tripods, monopods and selfie sticks.

Flash photography and live-streaming are also not permitted.