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Quote of the Day:

“A lot of angry, white Republicans are furious with me for saying a lot of Republicans are angry and white. I see your point.”

— CNN lefty contributor and longtime Clinton strategist Paul Begala.

Hillary Clinton aide calls NYT‘s Leibovich to assure a line was authentic Hillary 

“In the kickoff rally for her campaign last month, Clinton said she would not be fazed by the accelerated graying of hair brought on by presidential stresses — because, she said, ‘’I’ve been coloring it for years.’ The line, which she had used previously, got a nice laugh. It was a good moment (relatable), and later I would receive a call from someone who would only be identified as a ‘‘senior campaign official’’ assuring me that Hillary had come up with the line herself. An actual authentic everyday quip, more or less.”

See Mark Leibovich‘s full magazine piece on Hillary Clinton here.

Right-leaning editor has a complaint for the AP 

“Strongly want to lobby for the AP stylebook to change the standard terminology of ‘anti-abortion.’ Influences every post to the left.” — Breeanne Howe, digital strategist BEASTDigital and contributor editor at RedState.

Oh, and she’s not the only one…

“The Twitter account of the Associated Press reporter who wrote near religious apologetics to defend Planned Parenthood is @CraryAP” — RedState editor-in-chief Erick Erickson.

And there’s this…

“Nice spin AP but it was the head doc discussing felony sale of baby parts w procedure banned since 03 & conspiracy.” — syndicated radio host Dana Loesch.

On the Democratic side of the journalistic aisle…

“Trump dumps on Mexicans, House Rs stall move to remove Confederate flags, Jeb says you should work longer hours: the GOP’s great week. What’s next? RNC signs up Bill Cosby for the Republican convention next summer? It’s 5:39 pm. Can someone please ask @JebBush when I can leave work and go home?” — Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn.

Jonathan Capehart has advice for victims of bullies 

“You’re a lot stronger than your abusers. They know this and strike out to hide their own weaknesses. Stay strong.” — WaPo lefty columnist Jonathan Capehart.

It’s all in the details…

“Actual people’s names found while reporting this story: Fanny Pack. Nice Carr. Warren Peace.” — Elizabeth Harris, education reporter, NYT. See the story here.


Blind question: Which male editor and female reporter were recently spotted together at a Georgia Avenue brunch spot on a Sunday?