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“I’m waiting for a White House reporter to ask ‘which Broadway Show will we be attending?'”

— Media Critic Richard Grenell, watching the White House presser in which Press Secretary Josh Earnest discusses President Obama‘s upcoming trip to Manhattan this weekend with his daughters.

The Observer

“A silly, immature country, obsessed with a flag & a transgender, was reminded again today that our real enemy is trying to kill us everyday.” — Former Rep. Joe Walsh.

WaPo‘s Capehart says Caitlyn Jenner totally deserved the award 

“Without question, Jenner is the embodiment of the award’s ideals.” — WaPo lefty columnist Jonathan Capehart.

CBS’ Dickerson has a burning question about hotel coffeemakers 

“Do any of you use the in-room coffee maker successfully? I only do when there’s a coffee emergency. Otherwise I assume it’s not terribly clean. Am I wrong?” — CBS “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson.

On the topic of a woman’s age…

“Just saw a professional contact named to a ’40 under 40′ list. I was shocked that she’s under 40. Thinking I shouldn’t tell her that.” — Bloomberg Business reporter Alan Bjerga.

More on journo’s extremely intense SoulCycle habits (PART II) 


After hearing SoulCycle insulted by trash talker Steve Kovach, deputy editor at Business Insider, Mother Jones’ Ben Dreyfuss went f–king crazy. See Part I here

KOVACH: “soul cycle sux”

DREYFUSS: “Oh you mean a fight with me? I was unprepared for this. I thought we were going to bully someone else.”

KOVACH: “We can do that too.”

DREYFUSS: “No no it’s too late. You can’t unring that bell.”

KOVACH: “You’re paying $50 an hour to pedal a stationary bike.”

DREYFUSS: “I buy the classes 30 at a time now so I get a wholesale discount. They’re $27.50 a class now.”

Washington Post editor explains seltzer water 

“There’s no real mystery to this: It’s because water with bubbles is the best drink, period.” — WaPo‘s Mike Madden, deputy editor, Outlook section.

A word on the disgusting-sounding seaweed bacon craze

“You know, they said this about turkey bacon, and it turned out to be a God damned dirty lie. I’ll stick with the real thing, thanks.” — George Scoville, adjunct prof.

Weiner accuses ABC of getting facts wrong 

Note to readers: Oddly, minutes after I screengrabbed Rodriguez’s tweet, it vanished. The story, however, remains on ABC News’ website and includes the Weiner info.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.25.10 AM

Well, big might be questionable.

The story says Weiner contributed $550 in office supplies and furniture to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Not exactly a big spender. They also categorize him as one of 33 “interesting” people who wrote big checks to Clinton. Certainly Weiner being described as “interesting” is debatable. Big is, well, another matter.

“Anthony Weiner: The former New York congressman who was involved in two sex scandals and is married to top Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, contributed $550 worth of office supplies and furniture to the campaign.” 

NYT reader cancels 50-year subscription over armpit hair feature

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.38.49 AM