TJ Oshie Sends Jersey To Young Fan Upset Over His Departure From The Blues

Taylor Beck Contributor
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America’s hero in the 2014 Winter Olympics, TJ Oshie, has once again shined in the spotlight, but this time it wasn’t for scoring goals.

Instead, Oshie went out of his way to make the day of a distraught, young St. Louis Blues fan, according to

5-year-old Libby Lu had an absolute melt down when her favorite play TJ Oshie was traded to the Washington Capitals. Luckily Mom caught the whole incident on video and posted it to YouTube. Libby feared it wouldn’t be right to cheer for Oshie since he now played for another team.

During an appearance on SportsCenter July 5, Oshie called the young girl to help make amends. During the call, Oshie told little Libby that she could most certainly still root for him on the Washington Capitals since they reside in the Eastern Conference, while the St. Louis Blues are in the Western Conference.

Oshie also promised to send the girl a jersey once he figured out his number. Well it looks like Oshie made good on his promise as the young fan received a signed jersey along with a variety of other Capitals gear.

It appears the Washington Capitals have gained another fan at the hands of new player TJ Oshie.