WWE Removes Hulk Hogan Over ‘Racist’ Comments He Made Back In 2012 [AUDIO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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World Wrestling Entertainment has removed wrestler Hulk Hogan from its websites after audio surfaced of the Hulkster saying the “n-word” in an interview on the Sirius XM radio station “Shade 45” in 2012, The Daily Beast reports.

In the interview with DJ Whoo Kid on the “Whoolywood Shuffle” show, Hogan explains the origin of his habitual use of “brother” and if any black guys ever called him “nigga”:

WHOO KID: You’ve been saying “brother” for years. Do any black guys say, “You my nigga,” like, “You my nigga, Hulk”?

HOGAN: Well, [wrestler] Booker T used to say that to me all the time on TV. Every time I pull up YouTube, there’s that famous thing when Booker T and his brother were there talking trash, and Booker T goes, “I’m coming for you Hogan, you nigger!” Not “nigga.” “Nigger.”


While Hogan’s comments in the above interview are not particularly inflammatory, Media Take Out reports that there is a separate, similar interview that surfaced during a deposition for the $100 million personal-injury lawsuit Hogan is engaged in with Gawker.

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