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‘Whoa!’ Tommy Christopher Quasi-Returns To Mediaite

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“Whoa!” exclaimed HotAir‘s Noah Rothman today on Twitter. “Tommy Christopher’s byline is back on Mediaite. That’s awesome!”

Rothman’s burst of emotion wasn’t entirely unexpected. He was previously Christopher’s conservative foil at Mediaite. Christopher left the site in February, 2014.

It’s confirmed. Tommy Christopher, a White House correspondent at The Daily Banter who gets in the occasional question in the White House briefing room, will write the occasional liberal column for Mediaite.

While he won’t be back on staff full-time, the powers that be seem enthused.

“We have hired Tommy to do the occasional column for us,” Mediaite editor-in-chief Andrew Kirell told The Mirror upon interrogation. “He is still free to write elsewhere but we are happy to have Tommy’s voice back on the site.We were looking for a liberal columnist to do occasional columns and Tommy expressed interest. For now, its just temporary, but we all kind of love seeing his byline back on the site.”

His first column back is: “How Donald Trump Can Win.”

In it, he covered Trump’s invincibility.

He even gave Kirell a smooch. (A very smooth move.)

“What they’re all missing is that Trump is immune to all of the things they think will take him out,” he wrote. “As Andrew Kirell noted not long ago, Donald Trump is adept at explaining away his past positions, and at avoiding some of his current ones.”

Christopher sounds like a HUGE Trump fan.

“Anyone who thinks that Chris Christie or Rick Perry are going to put a dent in Trump needs to have their head examined,” he wrote. “Christie will join Trump in slaughtering Bush and Walker, and Perry will try to land a scripted attack, and get knocked on his ass. The only Republican who has the chops to damage Trump is Rick Santorum, maybe, and he probably won’t be there.”

In a line sure to make even Trump smile, he concluded, “Before you know it, there’s a CBO report on just how much it will cost to gold-plate the White House.”

The July 21st ad for a liberal columnist appeared to perfectly fit Christopher.

A few bullet points:

  • For this specific position, a liberal or left-leaning political bent is a major plus. We are looking for someone to be the counterpoint for our conservative opinion columnist.
  • You should thrive under pressure, and excel when stress levels are at their highest.
  • You should have a clear understanding of how Twitter, user-generated content, and viral videos are shaping the news cycle.

An understanding of Twitter? This is an understatement. Just last week he used the word “cock” in an argument with a reader about Sandra Bland, whose death after a fairly routine traffic stop has officially been declared a suicide.

When a reader suggested that Bland might have put out her cigarette when the officer asked, Christopher wasn’t having it.


No word on whether Mediaite will have Christopher — the Rachel Dolezal of D.C. journalism — taste test watermelon around the farmer’s markets of Manhattan.

Out of solidarity for his black brothers and sisters, he won’t eat watermelon and has long banned the pink fruit from his diet. The truth is, it’s the only kind of melon he can stand. But eating it gives him “that Clockwork Orange sick feeling.”

The taste test would be an ideal column for Christopher. (I’d even accompany him with a barf bag — and, of course, a camera.)

Christopher, who had no real comment for The Mirror on his return to Mediaite, has always had a real zeal for writing about race.

He said he will continue to write for The Daily Banter.