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BuzzFeed Writes Totally Lopsided Account Of Trump Breast Pump Fracas

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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BuzzFeed doesn’t mince its thoughts. The site hates Donald Trump.

So they did what any hate mongering site would do with someone they don’t like and published a totally slanted version of the breast pump saga.

The story is of the “he said, she said” variety. Meaning, it’s hard to really take sides.

Unless of course you’re BuzzFeed and want to see the nation’s GOP presidential frontrunner go down.

As the story was first reported on CNN’s “New Day,” attorney Elizabeth Beck was disposing Trump in a 2011 real estate dispute. She recalled Trump having a meltdown and saying, “You’re disgusting, you’re disgusting” when she wanted to take a break and pump milk for her newborn.

She said he “blew up” — a description he would later deny.

But at that point viewers only heard one side — hers.

When we got to Trump’s version later in the day, the story took on a much different tone.

“She wanted to do it in front of me,” Trump told Dana Bash, acknowledging that he may have used the word “disgusting.” He went on to call Beck “vicious” and “horrible” and said he “beat her badly.”

As viewers might choose to understand it, Trump wasn’t calling the act of pumping “disgusting.” He was calling Beck disgusting for, as he recounts it, wanting to pull out her breast and her pump and do it right in front of him.

BuzzFeed allowed Trump a graph toward the bottom of the story to defend himself. They followed up with a female expert who talked about what it’s like for a woman to go back to work after giving birth.

She said that Trump’s comments on breastfeeding “reinforce” a type of wage “discrimination” against women.

The way BuzzFeed paints the picture, there is only one side to the ordeal and it’s hers. So much so they put the following in big, black bold:

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 6.08.39 PM

Really? Her “boobs” were full?

Did we really need to read that?

BuzzFeed, you’re disgusting.