Why United Way Must Stop Funding Planned Parenthood

John-Henry Westen and Kristan Hawkins Co-Founder, LifeSiteNews; President, Students for Life
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For years, United Way has offered millions of people a way out of abject poverty. As one of the world’s largest philanthropic organizations, it has a well-deserved reputation for creating strong communities through its educational and financial programs.

However, United Way has a dark secret: It is complicit in Planned Parenthood’s destruction of the preborn, its illegal harvesting of fetal organs, and its abuse of trafficked and raped girls and women.

Each year, United Way chapters send about two million dollars to Planned Parenthood affiliates and facilities. And despite yearsof pressure for United Way to detach itself from America’s abortion giant, it has continued to let its members fund a group that is known for breaking state and federal laws.

Today, our respective organizations — Students for Life of America and LifeSiteNews — are urging United Way to fully commit tohelping the world’s children and families instead of supporting their destruction.

According to United Way’s website, “no … funds are … used to support abortion services.” Given the fungibility of money, this statement is meaningless. Every dollar donated to paying for staplers, computers, and employee benefits frees up dollars elsewhere in the Planned Parenthood budget to fund abortion.

But United Way’s complicity goes even further. “Several local United Way partners provide professional family and individual counseling services, which include professional counseling on pregnancy-related problems,” says the site. Additionally, chapter dollars go towards “family planning” and “health education.”

Those terms have clear meaning when associated with Planned Parenthood. Its “education” and “family planning” programs have one goal in mind: To teach young people about contraceptives, and, typically, abortion as a form of birth control.

Planned Parenthood’s promotion of contraceptives is problematic on its face, given that so many self-styled “contraceptives” are actually abortion drugs and devices. For example, while the Food & Drug Administration categorizes the intrauterine device as a “contraceptive,” science and the Obama White House show that it is actually a device that ends human life — an abortifacient.

To put it another way: Knowingly or not, United Way donations are funding the deaths of preborn children.

Furthermore, Planned Parenthood’s BDSM sex education program in no way empowers strong relationships, families, and communities.

According to its website, one of United Way’s main missions is to end human trafficking. However, each year it complacently allows its members to fund Planned Parenthood is a year during which United Way donations are being used to fund the trafficking of children in the womb.

Related, Planned Parenthood is well-known for skirting state laws by not reporting pedophiles and sex traffickers to authorities.

In its mission statement, United Way says the following:

We think every child in every country should have a good education. Every citizen should feel financially stable. Every community should be healthy and strong.

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why it is critical for United Way to tell its dozens of chapters that fund Planned Parenthood to instead spend their money enhancing the human condition — not ending it.