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Ferguson Protesters Block Highway Traffic Like Idiots

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Sometimes, people who don’t like me will give me grief about getting hit by a car. “If you’re so smart, why were you standing out in the middle of the street?” Well, I wasn’t. I was crossing the street legally, with the Walk signal and inside the crosswalk, when a State Department SUV driven by an agent named Mike McGuinn made an illegal left turn and crippled me for life. That’s what happened, and I’ve got the settlement to prove it.

I was not doing this:

Good thing they got the license plate number. I want to hear the audio of that 911 call:

“911, please state the nature of your emergency.”
“Please help! Just now I was with my white allies, standing in the middle of I-70 and blocking traffic, and then–”

It’s one thing that these protesters believe a lie called “Hands Up Don’t Shoot,” over a year later. That’s fine. They can believe whatever they want. They can ignore all the evidence to the contrary. But they don’t get to block traffic to “raise awareness.” They’re only raising awareness that they’re stupid jerks with nothing better to do. Preventing law-abiding people from going about their business is no way to win anyone over.

But then, if I have to explain to you why these people are wrong, you’re not going to listen anyway. Never mind. Keep acting like extras on The Walking Dead, geniuses.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)