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“I would really like to start my own cult. Would you like to join?”

GotNewsCharles C. Johnson.

Breitbart reporter swears he’d quit if Trump was paying site 

“If I believed Trump paid Breitbart for favorable coverage, I would quit. Not gripe anonymously to a reporter.” — Breitbart‘s Charlie Spiering on BuzzFeed McKay Coppins story that Trump has paid Breitbart News for favorable coverage.

Please note: It’s not like Breitbart News hasn’t ever resorted to charging for journalism before.

BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief goes on rant against dicks 

“I’m just sayin. As half a species, we dudes need to tighten the hell up. Cause too many of us are acting like silly, sad little clowns. Fellow dudes, just being a man is way easier than all the thought some of us seem to put into being creepy, insulting and scary dicks. Because honestly. Who wants to be known as a dick?”

Stanton’s speech was in response to “David, 25” who wrote, “I run through bitches like a train. My penis size is insane.”

Trump ‘blood’ debacle helps reporter remember her tampon 

“A flack email sent to me about the ‘blood’ comment actually reminded to grab a tampon for the night so in a weird way I kinda owe Donald.” — Tierney Sneed, reporter, Talking Points Memo.

Federalist publisher never sleeps

“FWIW, multiple unnamed @FDRLST writers and editors strongly suspect that @bdomenech never sleeps.” — The Federalist co-founder Sean Davis referring to the pub’s Publisher Ben Domenech.

Douchey crap overheard on New York’s Upper East Side

“Overheard on Upper East Side, ‘Daddy, it embarrasses me when my friends see us taking uberX.'” — Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin.

Will Rahn brought a girl home and here’s what happened 

“I hate when I bring a girl home and all she can talk about is the dolls. Why do you own so many dolls, what are they for, etc.” — The Daily Beast‘s Washington Bureau Chief Will Rahn.

The Observer

“The only thing worse than guacamole Twitter is menstruation Twitter.” — The Daily Beast‘s Betsy Woodruff.

Overheard in the newsroom…

“I just remembered I had a dream about Wesley Lowery last night. He asked for a truce with The Daily Caller.” — Anonymous (and no, it was not me).

The Observer II 

“Make America Whatever Again.” — BuzzFeed‘s C.J. Ciaramella.

Rush Limbaugh’s bro is losing his mind

“Why is Microsoft Word continually bombing on me as I review my book editor’s edits and make my revisions? A liberal gremlin is in my machine.” — David Limbaugh.

Chris Hayes has thoughts on Roger Ailes 

“Ailes is a genius, full stop. But the politics of resentment that forged a majority when he was working for Nixon, are now an obstacle.” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

Politico Europe reporter has quite a view

“I look out of the window of our canal house in Amsterdam early this morning and what do I see on the steps but an…egret!” — Politico‘s Tunku Varadarajan.

Oh God… Wesley Lowery the rapper? 

“Tonight I witnessed @WesleyLowery rap every word to Rich Gang’s ‘Lifestyle’ I’ve never been prouder to call him a friend.” — BuzzFeed‘s Sylvia Obell.