Trump Says He ‘Didn’t Believe’ Anti-Hugh Hewitt Breitbart Post [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump pushed back against a Breitbart article that claimed radio host Hugh Hewitt was biased against the mogul Wednesday.

The Breitbart piece also questioned whether Hewitt should be reconsidered as a moderator at next month’s Republican primary debate in California.

Trump told Hewitt on his eponymous show, “I’m comfortable with Hugh” and that he “didn’t sort of believe that article.”

The radio host stated that the Breitbart piece was “nonsense” and that he was “going to treat you [Trump] fairly like every other candidate.”

Hugh Hewitt: Morning Glory and Evening Grace, America it’s Hugh Hewitt. The biggest get in America is Donald Trump. He had them rocking in Michigan yesterday, talking about the Doral deal. And a nonsense article ran yesterday it said that I am ‘anti-Donald,’ I’ve come out against him. I’m here to correct that record with Donald Trump. Donald Trump welcome back. I want to assure you that just is not true. I’m going to treat you fairly like every other candidate. No gotcha’s, just straight up hard questions. I hope you’re comfortable with that.

Donald Trump: Well that I’m comfortable with Hugh. And I sort of didn’t believe that article. Although, I did see you on television talking about tone. That maybe the tone is a little bit tough. And we need tough tone in this country Hugh.  We can’t have somebody like, I know you like Jeb. But Jeb doesn’t have the tone. He doesn’t have the enthusiasm or whatever it is. You gotta, you need, you need a little power right now. Our country is in big trouble.

Hewitt: I love them all.

Trump: You’re not going to do it with a nice easy tone.

Hewitt: I love them all. All of you are my friends and all of you will get the same questions.