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Welcome Back, Brian Williams

The most trusted man in the news business has been away from our screens, and our hearts, for far too long. The next chapter begins now!

Tom Kludt, CNN Money:

Brian Williams’ long, professional nightmare is over.

It’s been six months since Williams was suspended without pay by NBC News for telling an exaggerated story about a helicopter mission during the Iraq War. The network confirmed to CNNMoney that the suspension is over.

NBC told CNNMoney on Tuesday that Williams will assume his new role as a breaking news anchor for MSNBC in mid-September, but no date has been set.

Note to Mr. Kludt: Williams’ story about getting shot down over Iraq wasn’t “exaggerated.” Claiming you caught a big fish when you caught a smaller fish is an exaggeration. No, Williams’ story was false. It was made up. A whopper. A big fat steaming pile of bovine fecal matter. It was not at all true. Brian Williams lied.

And now he’s going where he belongs, with Rachel and Al and Lawrence and all the rest of those liars. The very people he once disdained. It’s a bit like a dirty cop getting thrown into prison with the guys he put away. Except even better, because we get to watch.

Well, we won’t be watching. But somebody will, presumably…


Yeah, maybe it’s best for him to get back on his feet away from prying eyes.