Gutfeld: Letting Iran Inspect Their Own Nuclear Sites Is Like ‘Letting Jared From Subway Clear His Own Web History’

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Greg Gutfeld compared letting the Iranians inspect their own nuclear sites to letting Jared from Subway “clear his own web history.”

Gutfeld blasted the Obama administration on Fox News’s “The Five” Wednesday for negotiating the deal, saying it was for “legacy and not for our security.”

Gutfeld kept the metaphors flowing when he later compared letting the White House negotiate the deal to “sending a kewpie doll to the World Series of Poker.”

Greg Gufeld: No it’s probably true. But the amazing part is U.N.. letting Iran inspect their own site. That’s like letting Jared from Subway clear his own web history. It’s completely untrustworthy. The problem isn’t with Iran it’s with the White House. We let the White House negotiate this deal. It’s like sending a kewpie doll to the World Series of Poker. We got snowed in because we done, we have somebody who’s negotiating for his legacy and not for our security.

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