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If Bruce Jenner Goes To Jail, Will He Get To Pick Boys’ Or Girls’?

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As we all know, gender is a social construct. It has nothing to do with millions of years of evolution. It has nothing to do with millennia of social mores. It’s a personal decision. If you were born with boy parts but you decide you’re actually a girl, presto, you’re a girl. If you’re a boy who just happens to have girl parts, same deal. Nobody can tell you who you really are.

And anybody who disagrees with any of the above is something called a transphobe.

Which means this one could get a little bit tricky. Kaitlan Collins reports:

Caitlyn Jenner might face a manslaughter charge because of a February car wreck he was involved in that left one woman dead…

Detective Richard Curry said there’s “nothing really egregious” about the case, so Jenner is looking at a 50/50 chance of being charged.

So it’s a coin toss. What happens if Jenner is charged, convicted, and sentenced to prison? Will he go to a men’s prison or a women’s prison?

If you say it should be a men’s prison, isn’t that transphobic? If Vanity Fair and E! and everybody else say he’s a woman, why should the prison system say any different?

If you say it should be a women’s prison, what sort of precedent will that set? What’s to keep subsequent male convicts from declaring themselves female as well and demanding to go to girl jail?

I dunno, it’s a tough one. Maybe we should start building trans-only prisons. Otherwise, the potential for misgendering and deadnaming and other such microaggressions is too great. Criminals have feelings, too.