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Ever Wonder What Jeff Zucker Looks Like With Hair?

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CNN President Jeff Zucker used to have hair.

It’s true. The year was 1995.

It was also the year that CNN Digital was born.

Zucker remarked on the anniversary of the date on Thursday. He bragged about how great CNN Digital is, saying, “We’ve come a long way since that summer’s day in 1995,” he wrote in a company-wide memo. “CNN Digital has grown into a robust portfolio of products, sites and platforms — apps for nearly every mobile device, our game-changing CNNgo, War Rooms, the industry’s most followed social media handles, and more. Digital is truly the pulse of our business. … Keep innovating. The future is ours.”

More importantly, he included a picture of himself with hair.

But before we show you the big reveal of what his coiff used to be, The Mirror wanted to offer some hairdo options for Zucker’s hairdo.

The first is The Donald. It’s timely. It has blond and orange hues.



The second is The Chase. As in Vincent Chase, the Entourage character played by Adrian Grenier. It’s also fairly timely and gives him a more youthful air.



The last is Homeless Beachy Chic a la actor Jared Leto.



And now…here’s what Zucker really looked like with hair.