Why We Need To End The Federal Reserve Now

Shah Gilani Editor, Capital Wave Forecast
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Last night I had a dream that America changed overnight. I didn’t know what had happened, but everything was different.

The sky and atmosphere were different. There was a sense of clarity, of transparency. I walked into town, and wait till you see what I found…

People Were Thriving in This Fed-Free America

Everywhere I looked, everybody was working and smiling.

There was a bank on every corner. None of them had walls. There were young and old bankers greeting everyone passing by. They knew everybody and everybody knew them.

They were giving away toasters and offering low-interest-rate loans, encouraging people to open new businesses and recommending 1 percent interest loans to pay off high-interest rate credit card debts.

I could actually see into their glass vaults. There were endless stacks of bundled cash.

And I thought to myself, what a wonderful world… There must not be a Federal Reserve!

Then I woke up for real. I thought, “Why don’t we have that life?”

The Federal Reserve was dreamed up anyway. What if the Fed was just a bad dream? What would America look like without the Federal Reserve?

We need to wake up and demand Congress kill the 1913 law that created the monster better known as the Federal Reserve System.

All the greedy, lying, self-serving congressmen and women are in the pockets of the nation’s big banks. And the big banks are only still here because the Fed bailed all their you-know-whats out in 2008. Why? Because banks set up the Fed to do just that with free money the Fed prints at will. It can do that, because the Federal Reserve “notes” in your wallet aren’t government bills, they’re notes, which are obligations, issued by the Federal Reserve (go ahead, take one out and read what’s on the top).

So what does that mean? It means we all owe them – or they own us.

I got carried away there; I told you this was a really powerful dream.

Wake Up to This Reality and End the Fed

If there was no Federal Reserve, America would be free again.

The Federal Reserve System came into existence by hook, by crook, and by stealth. An entire presidential election was bought so the Federal Reserve Act could be signed into law on Christmas Eve of 1913.  

The Fed then took over creation of America’s money supply (which they own) and de-fanged the U.S. Treasury to the point that it’s now the Fed’s lackey – it merely prints their Reserve Notes on rolls of special paper.

All this, by the way, is completely laid out in extraordinary depth, documented by undisputed facts in G. Edward Griffin’s seminal book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island.” Get it, read it, and be afraid.

I’ll say it once more: America would be free again.

Without a Federal Reserve manipulating interest rates, free markets would allocate capital and resources like they’re supposed to.

We’d be free of the “command and control” economy the Fed directs and gets all wrong.

Big banks wouldn’t be freely regulated by the privately owned, de facto fourth pillar of government they created to foster the fantasy of central bank security.

Big banks couldn’t freely leverage themselves into insolvency and expect to be bailed out by the country’s supposed savior, the real-life Wolf of Wall Street.

And most of the Fed’s big bank-backed employees in Congress, meaning most members of Congress, who profess their mock indignation that the Fed isn’t doing enough to promote full employment, while they do nothing but line their campaign coffers with the Fed’s trickle-down hush money, would be freed by voters who would finally see them for what they are: crony capitalists in Uncle Sam costumes.

And that was my dream – an America without the Federal Reserve System. It was wonderful, wasn’t it? Now to make this come true…