MSNBC Guest Al Hunt Says Iowa ‘A Real Cause For Concern’ For Clinton [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Bloomberg View columnist Al Hunt insisted that a new Iowa poll is a “a real cause for concern” for Hillary Clinton.

Hunt, appearing on Monday’s “Morning Joe” noted that Hillary was suppose to “win Iowa big” but right now, the race is very competitive. Only seven points separate Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the most recent Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Iowa poll.

Joe Scarborough: The one headline out of this poll really is that this is a competitive race. We’re not saying that Hillary’s ship is going down. We’re not saying that Bernie Sanders is the next nominee, but the headline at least as we move into the fall is this starts as a competitive race.

Al Hunt: Absolutely, Joe. Iowa was supposed to be her preemptive fire wall, if you will. ‘Yeah, New Hampshire is right next to Vermont. There are independent cusses up there. We may have some trouble. But we have a great organization in Iowa. We’ve enlisted a bunch of the Obama people from before. We’re not going make the same mistakes we made in ’08. This is the Clinton campaign, and we’re going to win Iowa big.’ Well, right now it is very competitive. She was ahead by 40 points in May. Right now she’s up by seven. This is a real cause of concern for Clintonland.

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