MSNBC Guest: Hillary’s Private Email Address Was Unknown To State Department IT Personnel [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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David Catanese said the State Department IT desk “didn’t even know about this personal address that she had to send emails.”

Catanese, senior politics writer for U.S. News and World Report, appearing on “The Rundown With José Díaz-Balart” Tuesday, added that because the IT department was unaware of Hillary’s email system it “sort of poses more questions about the security of it.”

José Díaz-Balart: Back now to politics and that giant release of Hillary Clinton emails overnight by the State Department. More than 7,000 pages of messages made public. Approximately 125 are now classified as confidential. They were not classified as such when they were sent or received. In one exchange with an aide, Clinton expresses frustration over not being able to receive the text of a public statement. The aide explains the government had not yet unclassified that statement so it couldn’t be sent to her personal account. And in others, she asks her top communications staffer for help setting up her new iPad. Even asking someone if they know if it’s connected to wi-fi or not. With me now, Erin McPike of Reuters and David Catanese, senior politics writer for U.S. News and World Report, thank you both for being with me. David, let me start with you. Some of the more serious messages in here, there is a notion that Clinton aide couldn’t sent a classified piece of text help or hurt her position because she clearly says let’s delete this after you read it. Don’t pass it along.

David Catanese: I don’t think any of this is helpful in the end when you’re going to have a rolling disclosure of her emails. I think especially of note in this trove was that the help desk, sort of the tech people at the State Department, didn’t even know about this personal address that she had to send emails. It seemed, because they were trying to notify her of fatal errors that some people were getting when they were trying to send to this address. So it didn’t even seem that the tech people that we all know and deal with in companies weren’t aware of this system. And that sort of poses more questions about the security of it, I think, in the future when Republicans raise these questions.

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