Cheney: Obama’s White House Doesn’t Listen To The Military’s Recommendations [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Dick Cheney blasted the Obama Administration on Wednesday saying that he doesn’t “think they listen to the military.”

Cheney, appearing on “Morning Joe,” argued that the “military has made recommendations that were then rejected by the White House.”

Joe Scarborough: This isn’t a gotcha question, but we certainly want this to be part of the debate. I’m sure that everybody that is concerned everybody is concerned about ISIS. Let me ask you this way, is Lindsey Graham irresponsible to suggest that we need to possibly send 10,000 troops?

Liz Cheney: It may than we need to deploy additional ground forces and that may be the number.

Scarborough: Are the generals being ignored here?

Dick Cheney: I think there has been a breakdown if you will between the White House and the military. I don’t think they listen to the military. I think that all of those decisions are being made inside the White House, is a string of decisions we talk about in the book, where the military has made recommendations that were then rejected by the White House.

Cheney and his daughter, Liz, have been making rounds in the media for their new book. (RELATED: Dick Cheney Is ‘Religiously Staying Away’ From Talking About Donald Trump)

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