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Doritos Are Gay

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It gets better, as long as “it” doesn’t refer to obesity.

I always figured the first Frito-Lay product to come out of the closet would be Ruffles, but… Lauren Boyer, US News:

This week, Doritos is taking a page from Skittles’ book.

The brand, owned by Frito-Lay, is offering rainbow-colored Doritos for those who donate to the It Gets Better Project, a nonprofit that assists LGBT youth.


Not sold in stores! In order to participate in this history-making event, you need to make a $10 donation to the It Gets Better Project. Then they’ll send you a bag of cruddy Cool Ranch Doritos with different shades of food coloring on them.

From the donation page:

DORITOS® supports the bold lives our fans lead—all of them.

We are honored to partner with the It Gets Better Project® to create our boldest chip yet. Each bag brings rainbow-colored chips inside and an inspiring quote on the outside.

To get a bag, make a donation and share your support to inspire others.
Only available online.

This is good news, because until now, gay people haven’t been allowed to buy Doritos. Why do you think they’re always in such great shape? Now, thanks to Doritos Gay, the LGBT community will be fat, lumbering beasts just like the rest of us. First they got equal marriage, now they’ll have equal carriage.

In your face, Kim Davis!

The It Gets Better Project was started by advice columnist and gay-rights activist Dan Savage to stop anti-gay bullying. Which is pretty funny, considering that Savage never misses a chance to bully people he doesn’t like. It’s different when he does it.

P.S. #smdh

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