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Gov’t Employees Freak Out Over Harmless Object

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It’s different when the White House does it.

Francesca Chambers, Daily Mail:

The White House briefly went into lock down on Wednesday afternoon after an ‘unattended package’ was discovered in the park across the street.

The object inside the package turned out to be a coffee mug, the Secret Service said.

Isn’t that silly? They made such a big deal out of something so innocuous. They shut down the White House over a coffee mug. Way to go, dum-dums!

In other White House news:

Can you believe anybody would be so scared of such a completely harmless object?

It’s due to racism, of course, because now we’re going to ignore all the other kids who’ve gotten in trouble for bringing a bubble gun to school, taking a bite out of a Pop Tart and pretending it’s a gun, etc. We’re going to ignore “zero-tolerance” policies, because Obama doesn’t want to talk about them. None of those kids will ever be invited to the White House, because they’re not useful enough as political props.

Clocks: GOOD
Coffee mugs: BAD

It doesn’t have to make sense. In fact, the less sense it makes, the better. Obama’s first language is hypocrisy.

(Hat tip: Ed Driscoll)