Bill Clinton: Trump Has ‘A Lot Of Pizzazz And Zip’ [VIDEO]

Derek Draplin Associate Editor
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Former President Bill Clinton talked candidly with Fareed Zakaria in an interview airing Sunday on CNN, discussing Donald Trump’s popularity and the policy differences both parties offer voters.

On “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Clinton said Trump has “a lot of pizzazz and zip” and that he thinks the real estate mogul could win the Republican nomination.

Zakaria: As a great student of American politics, what explains Donald Trump?

Clinton: Well first of all, he’s a master brander. And when you got a lot of people running and people are trying to make distinctions being able to put a personal stamp on it so people identify with who you are accounts for something, certainly in the beginning. So I think that — then he said to the working class supporters of the Republican Party, that have largely shifted over for cultural reasons. I’ll give you economic reason to vote for me. I’ll build a wall around the southern border of America and I’ll stop buying Chinese imports. So your incomes will go up. Now that all will have to be flushed out in the course of time. I’m sure the other future debates will do it. But he’s got a lot of pizzazz and zip. He’s branded himself in a clear why, and he’s generated some excitement. And it remains to be seen what’s going to happen. It’s an unusual election. You know, there doesn’t seem to be much interest yet on their side — I think there is on our side — because both Hillary and Senator Sanders have laid out pretty detailed, positive policy positions. Talk about what they could cost and, you know, you can have a debate there where you can discuss the relative merits of their positions on health care or generating jobs or lifting incomes or whatever. But over there, it seems to be more about resentiments and one liners. I don’t know.

Zakaria: Could Trump be the nominee?

Clinton: I think so.

Zakaria: Wow.

Clinton: How do I know? I don’t understand any of it very well. Look, I’ve been of politics a long time. I haven’t run for office in 20 years. And also, I’m not mad at anybody. I’m a grandfather. I love my foundation. I’m proud of Hillary. I’ll do what I can to help her. But I’m not the best pundit anymore. I don’t have a good feel for this. All I know is what I think is good for the country…

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