Government Employee Hired To Find Drug Houses, Arrested For Running A Drug House

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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A Milwaukee government employee whose job was to know the signs of drug houses and report them was arrested and charged this month for running a drug ring out of her own home.

Milwaukee’s Department of Neighborhood Services employ Regina Sims as its property management coordinator to investigate suspected houses of dealing drugs. But after a “citizen witness reported multiple instances of drug dealing going on” at Sims’s house for about a year, according to FOX6, police got a search warrant and found a treasure trove of drugs, weapons and cash.

The police told FOX6 that inside the house they found a sandwich bag filled with heroin, 1.5 pounds of weed, multiple guns, ammunition, a digital scale and $3,600 in cash.

“The City of Milwaukee is committed to the prevention and enforcement of illegal drug activity,” Alderman Tony Zielinski ironically wrote on Milwaukee’s DNS website before Sims’s drug bust. (RELATED: Drone Drops Bale Of Weed On Arizona Home In Latest Case Of High-Tech Drug Smuggling)

The government employee was arrested and charged with keeping a drug house and party to a crime. Sims’s son Romero Ross and another Milwaukee man named Timothy Rawls were also charged, but with possession with intent to deliver.

Even though she was arrested, charged and is slated for an October 15 court meeting, Sims contends she is innocent and had no idea about the drugs, according to the court complaint.

Milwaukee has not released if Sims was fired from her government position, but on the Wisconsin city’s government page, the job is currently listed as filled. The webpage also revealed Sims is making anywhere from $53,519 to $74,922 a year with “excellent benefits.”

If convicted, Sims will spend up to three-and-a-half years behind bars and $10,000 in fines.

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