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Hillary Clinton Isn’t Sure She Wants To Give Bill His Own Office In The White House

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Hillary hasn’t started measuring the drapes in the White House just yet, you guys. She knows you’re all eager for her to get to work for the American people and all that, but just take it down a notch, okay?

Alles klar, Ben Kamisar?

Hillary Clinton isn’t sure if former President Clinton would have an office in the West Wing if she is elected president…

“I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch. I just want to be sure that we get the chance to earn the votes of the American people and to win the White House back,” the front-runner for the Democratic nomination said in response to a question about Bill Clinton having a West Wing office.

Of course. She wouldn’t want to give the impression that she assumes the White House is rightfully hers, just because she married a guy who became president and has been riding his coattails ever since. No, you should vote for Hillary because of all the accomplishments she can’t name, and all the policies she takes every possible position on, and all the laws that don’t apply to her, and…

Say, did she mention she’s a grandma?

Well, once all the silly conspiracy theories die down and Hillary Clinton is coronated inaugurated, Bill’s place in the White House will be her decision to make. But if she does give him his own office, she should tell the movers to take the door off its hinges. Remember what happened last time?

Or maybe she should give him an open-ended cubicle inside the Oval Office? That way she can keep an eye on him.