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Why Is Throwing A Newborn Baby Out A Window Considered Murder, But Abortion Isn’t?

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I’m asking all you abortion enthusiasts out there. You talk about killing an unwanted child — sorry, make that “inducing fetal demise” — as a matter of women’s health. You say it’s a woman’s body and therefore it’s her choice. But what if she doesn’t make that choice until the last possible second?

At what point does a meddlesome parasite become a person? At what point in a human being’s development do we go from throwing her in the trash to drawing a chalk outline around her? At what point does “women’s health” become “second-degree murder”?

Andrea Cavallier, WPIX:

A 33-year-old woman has been charged with murder in the death of her newborn baby girl after the child was allegedly thrown from the 7th floor window of an apartment building in the Bronx Monday.

Officials say the baby, her umbilical cord still attached to her tiny body, was still alive when she was tossed from the building…

Jennifer Berry of Gailmore Drive in Yonkers, was charged Tuesday with second degree murder and manslaughter.

New York City Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson said the baby died from multiple blunt force injuries.

Note that they call it a “baby.” Just the day before, it was a “fetus” and therefore expendable. There would be no grim-toned reporters on the scene of a fetus’s death, unless people were outside protesting it.

When Cecile Richards kills babies, she gets a hashtag. When Jennifer Berry does, she gets handcuffs.

Why? What’s the difference? If you believe that a fetus is not yet human right up until the moment of birth, how does it suddenly become human the moment after? Magic?

If you really #StandWithPP, then you’ll protest the arrest of Jennifer Berry. It’s not her fault she planned her parenthood so poorly. If only she had quit dilly-dallying and disposed of that tiny freeloader a bit earlier, PP could’ve made a few bucks from the cadaver’s perfect little organs.

Update: Yes, Planned Parenthood performs partial-birth abortions. That’s why we’re talking about this in the first place. Unless this doctor is lying?