Jared Leto And Mark Ruffalo Fool Comic Con Goers With Costumes

Abby Deardorff Contributor
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Jared Leto and Mark Ruffalo were crowned kings of disguise Sunday when they donned ridiculous costumes to blend into the crowds at Comic Con. As is tradition, each year celebrities dress up for CCNY in the hopes of not being noticed and going through the day without public attention.

This year, disguises were brought to a new level thanks to the two stars. The duo camouflaged themselves, taking pictures with any and all nerds in attendance.

Leto, pictured as a baboon below, took to Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram to document his adventures fooling attendees.

#NYCC they had no idea 🙂

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Ruffalo, pictured below in a horrendous mask, spent his time taking selfies with his son in front of a line waiting for autographs from Marvel’s Daredevil cast, Buzzfeed reported.

Had a great time at #comiccon2015 NYC! Thanks ComicCon for the Hospitality.

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Perhaps the most comical moment of the ruse was Leto’s photo taken with a man dressed as a modern joker from the upcoming movie Suicide Squad. The movie will be released in August of 2016 and Leto is set to star as the iconic Batman villian.