Former MSNBC Host Represents Bernie Sanders Campaign In Spin Room

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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LAS VEGAS — At the end of the first Democratic presidential debate here, a former MSNBC host was standing in the middle of the so-called spin room.

“Ed Schultz, Bernie Sanders campaign,” read the sign held in the air above him.

The former liberal MSNBC host of The Ed Show showed up to promote the Vermont senator at the Wynn hotel and casino here along the Vegas strip. Schultz told The Daily Caller that “tonight I’m a spokesperson for the Sanders campaign.”

TheDC asked Schultz about Sanders repeating in the debate he doesn’t consider himself a capitalist. Schultz argued voters don’t care about the distinction. “I think the people that are engaging in Bernie Sanders campaign in this country are not into labels and identity politics,” he said. “You say socialist to some young person whose getting involved in the process, they just want to know about their college tuition bill. They want to know about their health care. And you know what’s this election’s about? Jobs and wages.”

“Bernie has been very clear about where he stands on the economy, and this casino gambling that’s taken place on Wall Street,” Schultz said. “He has the guts to come out and address it. And he’ll do something about it.”

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