NFL Star Slams Black Corvette Into Street Sign

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Seattle Seahawks running back Fred Jackson wrecked his black Corvette Tuesday outside of the Seahawks practice facility after driving at a “VERY high rate of speed,” witnesses told TMZ.

According to witnesses, running back Marshawn Lynch and Jackson were speeding down a straightaway public road, apparently racing each other. Jackson ultimately lost control of his black Corvette, slamming it into a large planter box, and then a stop sign. Several fellow Seahawks players eventually arrived to help Jackson out of the car.

But Jackson and police are denying the allegations of street racing.

Police told TMZ that there was no early indication that Jackson was racing, and allowed him to return to the Seahawks facilities to be evaluated.

“Early news releases indicated that Jackson was racing another team member and was removed from the scene by team security before officers could investigate,” Renton police said in a statement. “These reports are false. As of this time, there is no indication that Jackson was racing another vehicle.” (RELATED: Watch This INSANE Seattle Seahawks Touchdown Catch [VIDEO])

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