Armed Citizen Defends His Home, Shoots Armed Robber [VIDEO]


David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Toledo, Ohio resident Terrance Reid, 21, used his legally concealed handgun to shoot Antonio Hadley, 40, after Hadley attempted to rob Reid outside of his home Tuesday morning, according to local ABC affiliate WTVG.

Reid was returning home from his job as a welder when the attempted robbery happened. Reid spotted suspicious activity near his home as he arrived home, and exited his vehicle with his gun in his pocket just in case anything happened. Hadley then approached Reid as he pulled out his own gun. Reid responded by shooting Hadley who fled. Hadley was later located at a local hospital and is expected to survive. (RELATED: Man Armed With Concealed Weapon Shoots Armed Robbers [VIDEO])

Reid’s family feels that Reid had no choice but to shoot Hadley in order to save his life. Reid’s grandfather Johnny Jackson told WTVG that, “It was unfortunate what happened, but he had to protect himself,” and later added, “It could’ve been … tables could’ve been turned … you know.”

Reid’s neighbor Tye Willis also supported Reid’s actions saying, “The guy just came out of the blue thinking he can get away with robbing a guy not knowing he is well-protected and licensed to have a gun with him. So I think he did the right thing.” (RELATED: Armed Citizen Shoots And Kills Waffle House Robber)

The police appeared to agree that Reid didn’t have much of a choice with Toledo Police Officer Lt. Joe Heffernan, describing Reid as “quicker on the draw.”


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