Daniel Craig: James Bond Is A Misogynist

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Daniel Craig said he’d rather slit this wrists than play James Bond again, and on Friday he called the beloved agent a misogynist.

Did we mention he stars in the latest James Bond film “Spectre”?

When asked why ladies are drawn to the Bond character during an interview with Red Bull magazine, Craig had this to say.

“Let’s not forget that he’s actually a misogynist,” Craig said.

“A lot of women are drawn to him chiefly because he embodies a certain kind of danger and never sticks around for too long.” (RELATED: Think Daniel Craig Loves Playing James Bond? This Might Change Your Mind)

Daniel Craig done with James Bond

(Photo: Esquire)

The reporter argued that Bond actually seems chivalrous in the most recent films.

“That’s because we’ve surrounded him with very strong women who have no problem putting him in his place.” (RELATED: Daniel Craig Told To Quit B*tching About Being James Bond)