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#NotAllMuslims Bristle At The FBI Pointing Out The Existence Of Islamic Terrorism

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When Islamic terrorists attack people, the real victims are always Muslims. So it makes sense that when the FBI tries to prevent the sort of radicalization that leads to attacks by Islamic terrorists, the real victims are Muslims.

The real victims are always Muslims. Always, always, always.

Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post:

The FBI has designed a game-style Web site about extremism meant to be used by teachers and students to spot and prevent radicalization of youth, say Muslim and Arab advocacy groups who were briefed by the agency on the program and fear it will foment discrimination against Muslims…

The Web site, called “Don’t Be A Puppet,” was scheduled to be live Monday but was put temporarily on hold in the last few days…

Details about the Web site were vague. However, some participants described what the FBI showed them at the October meeting. It included exercises like a quiz. The quiz asked students: What would be activities that would concern the FBI? One option asked about a youth posting on Facebook that she intended to attend a political protest. What about a young person posting about feeling emotional about something, was a second. The third, participants described, cited a youth with a stereotypically Muslim-sounding name who “posted that he’s going overseas on a mission [and] does anyone want to chat?” [Muslim Public Affairs Council director of policy and advocacy, Hoda] Hawa said.

“All our hands went up, like: What’s with this?” she said of the meeting.

Indeed. What is with this? Just because increasing numbers of Islamic terrorists are becoming radicalized overseas and coming back to the U.S. to plan attacks, that doesn’t mean we should actually acknowledge it. That’s profiling. That’s racist!

There’s simply no good way to predict these types of terrorist attacks. Sure, every now and then we’ll have to watch little kids get blown up while watching a marathon. People in major cities will, of course, get their heads hacked off in the middle of the street. It’s simply the new normal that cartoonists have to live in hiding because whenever they show up in public, religious zealots try to kill them for drawing a picture of Mohammed. And if a few military recruiting offices get shot up, hey, them’s the breaks.

Isn’t all that, and more, better than potentially hurting a Muslim’s precious feelings?

There’s no such thing as Islamic terrorism. There are only terrorists who happen to be Muslims. Now stop trying to connect all these completely random acts of violence, or you won’t like what happens to you next.

In related news: The following religious blasphemy aired on American Movie Classics last night, and so far nobody has been killed or even threatened with death over it. Weird, huh?